Retirement Services

The aging of our current population, chronic underfunded retirement accounts, poor choices to support retirement income and the ongoing changes in distribution all provide the backdrop for the changes the retirement services market is facing.  Watch for the introduction of new products that integrate the best of lower cost ETF's and the guarantees of annuities, the adoption of robo-advisor like tools that providers integrate with their services and product offerings all of which will require a renewal of core applications and the tools and services that sit on top of them to support distributors, plan administrators and participants alike.

Olmstead Associates works closely with asset managers providing investment options and retirement recordkeepers to help them shape the systems infrastructure that will support them through the changes we are seeing.  Our projects have included core systems replacements, streamlining on-boarding processes and the integration of new product and service offerings.


Olmstead was engaged by the client across the program to support its efforts to migrate from a legacy to a new retirement recordkeeping solution. Our contributions span the program from project stream leadership, business analysis, data management and testing.
Olmstead was engaged by a client who had acquired a $50B retirement recordkeeper. Olmstead was engaged to providing program and execution oversight and to develop an implementation readiness strategy and playbook for the conversion of the acquired assets.