Distribution & Client Servicing

It is hard to imagine an environment fraught with more opportunity, challenges and change.  New products across both the retail and institutional business, a need to support the ongoing retail migration to fee based accounts, the digital transformation of clients expectations and a desire to tap into the digital transformation to leverage everything from new tools to digital content management.  Distribution and client servicing is a top priority across every firm Olmstead works with today.

Olmstead Associates works with firms to help transform the challenges presented in the distribution and servicing of firms' businesses into competitive differentiation.  We support firms as they look to roll out new products, implement new performance and reporting solutions and support the business analysis and workflows required to roll out new services or tools.


Olmstead was engaged to manage all aspects of the project including report requirements, report design, report specifications, data sources, data mapping, data integration, testing and remediation. Olmstead assumed responsibility for the program and while managing to tight deadlines worked closely with the business, systems and the vendor to ensure nothing was overlooked.
Olmstead's client wanted to provide market differentiated services to the wealth management market through the use of integrated institutional class performance measurement and attribution. Olmstead was engaged to drive program management for the initiative and to supplement the clients' project team with implementation and operational expertise in data management, workflow and testing.