As the outsourcing trend continues, providers look for ways to move farther into the investment operations taking complex functions and leveraging operational scale and expertise.  The outsourcing of these functions requires some careful consideration and a word of caution.  As firms outsource middle office functionality, they risk impacting a host of up and downstream systems. Likewise outsourcing client visible functions limits the potential for competitive differentiation.  Careful consideration of each process and data mapping is critical to minimizing any stakeholder disruption. Likewise, governance processes for outsourced providers is quickly becoming a key audit target for some aspects of the securities industry.

Olmstead Associates works with outsourcing firms and the outsourcers themselves facilitating the migration of people, processes, tools and ensuring the success of key initiatives.  Our work spans key functions from accounting to data management and has also included streamlining on-boarding processes for providers across the institutional and retail asset management markets.


Olmstead was engaged by the outsourced service provider to work with the insurance company to design, build and test the interfaces between the insurance company's data warehouse and accounting platform and the outsourced service provide. As part of this process, we created data definitions and mappings to facilitate the onboarding of future insurance GA accounts
Olmstead was engaged by an outsourced service provider who was struggling with existing reporting tools and demands to customize reporting to meet the individual needs of its clients. Olmstead developed the requirements, specifications, templates, workflows and processes for migrating existing clients and onboarding new clients. Olmstead created a reporting data structure and reporting data governance and guided the program through the completion of new reporting templates and rollout to clients.