Investment Operations

The investment operations functions hold the investment process together both within the institution as well as through connectivity and data flow with the third parties. Despite or perhaps because of the critical nature of this function it has been the target of cost cutting, automation and centralization efforts. And yet as well meaning as these efforts might be, it is an uphill battle as the complexity of institutions and the demands of internal and external stakeholders increases.

Olmstead Associates brings rich experience building middle-office functionality and supporting the initiatives firms have today to meet their real-time position keeping aspirations.  Our integration and strategy experience spans securities lending, collateral management, corporate actions and the full range of outsourcing middle office functions.


Olmstead was engaged by the client to evaluate their requirements for a collateral management solution to support their growing use of derivatives. Olmstead conducted the business requirements, built a vendor evaluation scorecard, issued the RFP's and coordinated onsite evaluations and product demonstrations resulting in the selection of a new 3rd party collateral management solution.
Engaged by the world's leading securities lending organization, Olmstead assisted in the development of a new third party lending system including all aspects of securities lending including share availability management, sell processing, settlement Instructions management for loans, returns, allocations, automated instruction settlement and reconciliation, SWIFT messaging and collateral instruction management.
After engaging Olmstead Associates to perform a vendor package analysis, the client accepted the recommendation to purchase Advent Software's Geneva Accounting platform. Geneva became the primary back office engine in a new operational model constructed by the client to service their many fixed income boutiques. Olmstead was subsequently engaged to provide project management and oversight across the implementation from business analysis through test management and execution.