Olmstead Sponsors EDM Council Boston Member Brief

Olmstead is pleased to be a sponsor of the Boston Member Brief for the EDM Council on June 22, 2017.  Olmstead's Scott Knous will be speaking about BuySide industry trends for data standards and challenges.  "The EDM Council has been making great strides with regards to educating the industry on their Financial Information Business Ontology (FIBO), and we expect the value to increase as more adopt FIBO", said Knous.  Meeting attendees will also learn the results of the EDM Council's 2017 Data Management Benchmark Survey.  "I had a sneak peak of the survey results, and the buyside has certainly evolved since the 2015 survey results were published. But, as we have seen, maturing Enterprise Data Management capabilities takes time and a solid commitment at all levels of the firm", added Knous.  For more information on the June 22 event or how to become an member, the EDM Council website is EDMCouncil.org.

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