Data Management

There has never been any greater need for Investment Management firms to optimize the management, delivery and reporting of their enterprise data. Firms are being driven to reconsider their business models and adapt architectures and IT systems to accommodate several new factors affecting the industry.  All these factors, be it product innovation, the shift to passive, new regulations, raised client service expectations, or fee compression, converge on one thing - Data. Our experienced data management consultants understand the underpinnings behind each of these factors and how they impact your business. 

While much of the industry is still approaching data management as a discrete function or practice area, we have turned the model upside down by placing data at the core of all we do for our clients. Olmstead’s data centric approach considers the impact and relevance of the data to stakeholders ‘early and often’ - from the onset of a project and throughout. By approaching business challenges through the eyes of the consumers of data, we enable greater alignment with business needs which results in greater stakeholder engagement and acceptance.  We look through a data lens to ensure the end result is an increase in the value of data and greater overall project success. 

Olmstead delivers client value through the following Data Management services:

Whether your firm is implementing a new Performance, Accounting, Client Reporting, Trading, Sales platform, or you are evolving your Middle Office operating model, or you are racing to meet SEC Modernization requirements, our data analysts and architects will help ensure your data requirements are fully vetted and documented to mitigate implementation risks.
Using our proven tools and methodology, we work closely with business and IT stakeholders to understand the current state, design a target future state operating model, and identify gaps. We provide you with an actionable implementation plan and cost / resource estimates.
Organizational Assessment
Our experts will rate your firm’s readiness to establish data governance using a multi-point capabilities tool.  The primary deliverable
 is a readiness scorecard and suggested remediation plan.  

Stand Up Governance
We do not subscribe to the “build it and they will come” philosophy. Our experts will apply experience and a proven proprietary technique to stand up
 a “right-sized” data governance organization for your firm quickly, seamlessly, and organization appropriately.  

Tool Implementation
Whether you choose an internal build or implement a third party data governance tool such as Collibra or Data3Sixty, Olmstead can provide the required skills and experience to map, configure and migrate your data, metadata and lineages
Strategy and Design
Your IT systems should be enablers not drivers. We work with your IT stakeholders to ensure your future state data IT architecture strategy 
aligns with the business strategy. Our experts advise on an optimal IT architecture and help select third party systems.  

We will then partner with you through imnplementation, delivering an optimal IT architecture including a Warehouse and Marts. 
Quality Metrics
Measuring data quality is less of a challenge than measuring the business impact of poor data quality. Over decades, Olmstead has formulated a set of data quality operations metrics
 for measuring, reporting, and managing the business impact of poor data quality.

Readiness Assessment
Olmstead will employ a proprietary tool to conduct a point-in-time readiness assessment 
of your data for a planned system implementation. Outputs include a scorecard for all data in scope, ranking of key implementation data risks and proposed mitigation tactics.  

Mergers & acquisitions, outsourcing investment operations, consolidating IT systems, and moving to a cloud based solution provider all have one thing in common – a data migration
 need. We will leverage our tools and expertise to ensure your data migration is well planned and executed. 
MDM Selection
Olmstead will apply our proven framework, use cases and expert knowledge to efficiently lead your team through a vendor MDM selection
 process from RFI through vendor scoring and contract negotiations. We have worked with the leading providers and are vendor agnostic.

MDM Implementation
Our targeted systems experts have 20+ years experience with leading MDM solutions.  We provide PM, BA, and implementation support for your project.  Our team has worked extensively with leading native and cloud-based providers.  
As a Fund Complex, Advisor, Distributor or Servicer, Big Data is no longer a buzz term. We will apply latest industry practices to guide you to a clear Big Data strategy aligned to your business goals including the proper technical foundation and defined scope of data.
Tighter competition, migration toward more passive products, quest for alpha and increased regulatory demands all amount to one thing -- the need for more views into the data.  And faster.  Whether you're seeking more information or packing it differently, Olmstead's reporting experts can help you align your reporting strategy with your business goals, identifying the right technology choice and help you implement a robust and flexible reporting capability for your organization.  

Olmstead was asked to evaluate the scope of effort that a large Investment Management firm required to comply with the October 2016 SEC Modernization Act requiring RIC’s to provide enhanced reporting and disclosures beginning June 2018. Olmstead’s approach included conducting an “As-Is” assessment of their data environment including the IT architecture, data flows, Operations and Reporting. Olmstead then worked closely with IT and business stakeholders to define a future state business and IT architecture to support the new reporting requirements which surfaced gaps versus current state. We also delivered a detailed N-PORT and N-CEN data gap analysis down to the field level specific to the client. The gaps were used to build a roadmap and supporting resource and cost estimates which enabled the client to quickly seek executive approval to begin the project, without risk of delays and limiting risk of meeting their regulatory deadlines.
Our Client had spent five years implementing new solutions for areas including trading, accounting, collateral management, performance and attribution. Each new solution created a new "island of data" for the business which resulted in additional complexity in the environment and confusion about which data to use or trust. Olmstead was engaged to design and manage the implementation of a strategic data management platform and data governance program. The approach introduced an enterprise data architecture coupled with the rollout of a comprehensive data governance program and an integrated data information access portal.
Olmstead was engaged to lead the design and delivery of a data integration and data warehousing strategy for a firm looking to consolidate two large asset management businesses. Our approach centered on the investment manufacturing process and end to end operational needs for the merged entities. Olmstead established the architecture for a data management and integration strategy while integrating four accounting systems and multiple trading and decision support/analytics systems.