Sample Ongoing Projects

CLIENT NEED: This Large Retirement Services Firm is focused on growth and recently acquired the retirement assets of another firm. They need assistance migrating from a proprietary platform to 3rd party tools and onboarding the recently acquired business.
WHAT WE ARE DOING: Olmstead is engaged across the initiative. We are supplementing operational roles, building a data management program and an supporting the implementation of a data warehouse, providing business and workflow analysis for the new application and supporting the test management program.
CLIENT NEED: This asset management division of a diversified insurance company has multiple applications each of which has its own sources of data. As a result the client has disparate sources of data adding complexity to the business without any centralized and integrated view of holdings. 
WHAT WE ARE DOING: Olmstead is designing and managing the implementation of a strategic data management platform and data governance program. The approach includes an enterprise data architecture and an integrated data information access portal.
CLIENT NEED: This asset management firm is looking at how it aggregates position data from across the organization to effectively support the portfolio management requirements of its business. 
WHAT WE ARE DOING: Olmstead is working within the front-office team to provide assistance with data requirements and data mapping to support the integrated view of holdings and cash required by the business.
CLIENT NEED: This global custodian and administrator won the mandate to outsource the middle and back office of a large hedge fund and needed help with testing, migration, parallel production and cut-over planning. 
WHAT WE ARE DOING: Olmstead is managing multiple workstreams across the initiave. Our role is to help manage across internal, client and vendor constituents and to add structure, planning, reporting and metrics to the program. Our goal is to establish repeatable processes and mitigate risk by quickly identifying, tracking and addressing issues.
CLIENT NEED: The asset management client has chosen the SimCorp Coric reporting solution and is looking for expertise and project management skills to manage the initiative.
WHAT WE ARE DOING: Olmstead is providing project management and reporting expertise to facilitate all aspects of the project including report requirements, report design, report specifications, data sources, data mapping, data integration, testing and remediation.
CLIENT NEED: The asset management client has implemented the Vermillion's Reporting Suite and now needs help migrating existing reports and meeting new demands.
WHAT WE ARE DOING: Olmstead is providing resource support to facilitate report design, report specifications, testing and remediation.
CLIENT NEED: The client is internalizing many middle and back office functions with the need to build a systems infrastructure that will support its long-term growth aspirations. 
WHAT WE ARE DOING: Olmsted is engaged to evaluate and support the transition of the current state performance management solution and to look at the future state of the clients' performance, risk and reporting requirements and the subsequent impact on the data management infrastructure. The future state is being mapped to 3rd party vendor expertise and will ultimately result in a vendor evaluation scorecard.
CLIENT NEED:  This large NY based asset manager is migrating to a new performance measurement and attribution application and did not fully appreciate the nuances of disparate calculations across platforms.  They have a need to identify and implement best practices.
WHAT WE ARE DOING: Olmstead is providing deep analytical expertise to support reconciliation between calculations and to support data mapping and data requirements for the project.